20% by 2016

Thanks to 100% green power for homes and small businesses, Evanston has met the 13% emissions-reduction goal set in its Climate Action Plan. But much more needs to be done! CGE is working for a 20% reduction by 2016.

Get Involved!

There are many things we can do to shrink our environmental footprint and help Evanston become a more sustainable community. Get involved and make a real difference.

Energy Efficiency

Lower your air-conditioning and heating costs! Find out how with a low-cost or free energy assessment. Whether you’re a homeowner, apartment building owner, or nonprofit, there are cost-effective efficiency programs for you.

Green Transportation

Go green and get lean! Walking, biking, and taking public transit are good for our health and good for the climate. Let’s challenge ourselves to reduce our car use by one trip/week — and walk, bike, or take public transit instead.

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